Frigidaire / Kenmore Washer Makes Loud Noise in Spin

cl jansen wrote:

I have an almost 6 yearold kenmore frontload model 907C4106200 that has just in the last month started leaving grease or somthing on my clothes and gets very loud in the spin cycle. I was told that is was the rear bearing? cost 800.00 to fix. this was diagnosed over the phone. What do you think?

I think it’s time to stop relying on phone or Internet diagnoses and do your own!

Rear Drum in a Frigidaire (Kenmore) Front Loading WasherRemove the back panel. If you see a scat-job looking mess back there, like shown in the thumbnail (click to enlarge), then you have the infamous failed drum bearing. This is one whopper of a job, even for seasoned techs. Now may be a good time to go shopping. But, if you’re looking to indulge your inner masochist, this topic in the repair forum will get you started with the repair.


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