Maytag Appliance Use and Care Manuals

Roni Finkelstein wrote:

Your Precious Words: I own a Maytag Neptune clothes washer but have lost the manual. What does the “colors” button do as opposed to the “whites” button?

Normally, you could just download a new manual from the Maytag website. But the clever webmeisters at Maytag, ever thinking of you, the consumer, have added something special. Note with awe their slick Adobe flash presentation. If you move your mouse over the block that says, “Manuals and Literature,” the words move up and more words appear saying, “Download PDF owner manuals & product brochures.” Now click your mouse and… nothing happens! It’s brilliant! I need to do stuff like that here at my site: slick-looking but non-functional visuals. Awwwesome!


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