Contaminated Drywall Driving People Outta Their Houses

Seems a bunch of houses were built using contaminated drywall during the 2004-2005 housing boom. Confucius say, “I’ll give you one guess where this drywall was made.” Yes, my fellow Ameedicans, China has sent us yet another poison product. This time, it’s drywall, sheetrock, gypsum board, whatever you want to call that wall material behind the paint or wallpaper in your house. I never woulda guessed that you could contaminate drywall but those clever ChiComs figgered out a way to do it.

This drywall was made with coal ash and other waste products as filler. After a while, the dry wall started emitting poisonous, sulfur-smelling gases causing respiratory infections, nose bleeds, and other serious health problems, driving many people from their homes. More discussion and links to news articles here.


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