Venting a Dryer into a Garage

Mike wrote:

Hi –
Is it okay to vent my electric dryer into my unheated/uninsulated garage? Right now it vents into the crawl space, and that is not “up to code”.
Thank you!

Venting into a garage is fine as long you’re willing to put with lint coating your vehicles– they’re gonna get messy. But it’s far preferable to venting into a crawl space. Dryer exhaust is dirty and contains lots of ickiness: mites, molds, human skin, dander, pulverized synthetic fibers and their off-gases… not the kind of stuff you want in your nose, lungs or house.

Twitter comment from @TroyColby:

I have seen it cause mold on an entire wall in a garage.

This is a great point! Up here in Yankeeland, it’s not unusual to see dryers vented into garages. I’ve not seen the mold problem up here but houses in warmer climates would be very susceptible to mold infestation. Regardless of where you live, it’s probably a good idea to make sure your garage is well vented if you’re going to run that dirty, humid dryer exhaust into a closed space like a garage.

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