GE Triton Dishwasher Makes Weird Rumbling Sound while Washing

Your GE Triton dishwasher is making a weird sort of rumbling sound when it’s washing, sort of sounds like the spray arm is loose. In your befuddled poking around, perhaps you pulled the lower spray arm out and ran it but, lo, it still makes the noise when washing. You don’t hear the noise during the drain cycle.

Sublime Master of Appliantology Pegi offered this appliance repair wisdom in the Samurai Appliance Repair Forum. Ahh, grasshoppah, can you snatch this pebble from her hand?

The sound is almost always caused by a worn docking cone “O” ring on the main conduit. When the docking cone “O” ring wears, the mid level spray arm conduit is no longer constrained and it can vibrate against the docking cone, making the “growling” or vibrating sound. The recommended repair for this problem is to replace the titanium or gray docking cone.

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