Kenmore HE2 Front-loading Washer with an F25 Error Code

This washer is actually the Whirlpool Duet Sport washer with a Kenwhore label slapped on it. The model number of the insolent washer in this case is 110.46462501.

According to the tech sheet supplied with the washer, F25 indicates a possible drive motor tachometer error. (NOTE: The tech sheet is located behind the front quarter panel– remove the three hex head screws at the very bottom to remove the panel. The tech sheets will be folded up in a little plastic pouch. If some slimeball stole yours, you can borrow mine… just be sure to return it!)

Anyway, note the emphasis on the word possible in the error code description. These error code descriptions ain’t gospel– they’re just meant to be suggested starting points in your battle. So you can’t just go ‘n replace a part “‘cuz the tech sheet sez so.” Nawsir, it just ain’t that easy.

This is one of those cases where it takes field experience and kidneys of steel of know what’s really going on here. Now, for the first time ever in on the Internet, two battle-hardened and most-wise Sublime Masters of Appliantology reveal their secret kata for defeating the vexing F25 error code in a Kenmore HE2 front-loading washer!

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