GE Hydrowave Top-Loading Washer Won’t Run

Example model number for this washing machine is WPRE6100. If you’re having a no-go problem with this machine, one of the first things to check is the error code on the inverter board. The inverter is located down in the motor, remove the front panel to see it.

To remove the front panel:

1. Locate the two (hidden) spring clips between the top cover and front panel– look in that seam with a flashlight, you’ll seem ’em. Or you can feel them with your putty knife.

2. Insert your putty knife and push forward on the clips to release ’em.

3. The front panel will tilt out toward you and lift off the two hooks at the bottom.

There’s an LED on the board that will flash the error code. The location of the LED and its mystical flash code interpretation are shown below.

GE Front Loading Washer Inverter Board LED Flash Codes

If the LED is flashing an error code, first thing to try is resetting the inverter board:

To Reset the Inverter Board: Push the timer knob in so the washer is idle. Unplug the machine for one minute. Plug back in and raise and lower the lid six times within 12 seconds.

After resetting the inverter board, put the machine in a spin cycle and see if it runs. If not, check for a green blinking light on the inverter board. It will flash failure codes according to the picture above. If no light you probably have a blown fuse built into the neutral side of the harness on the white/red wire.

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