Kitchenaid Dishwasher Goes Through the Cycles Really Fast

JKJK65 wrote:

Kitchenaid undercounter dishwasher KUDM01TJWHO

When you press start the normal and wash light comes on and sounds like water starts for about 5 seconds then water heating light comes on for 2 seconds then rinse light then the dry light and then the clean light all for about 2 seconds each then the clean light goes right out instead of staying on. It basically goes through all the cycles in about 11 seconds. If I press one of the special options the light will not stay on. The motor all sounds a little like it is binding, but not sure. This all started when my son was pushing all the buttons. Not sure if it is a coincidence or he did something. Any help would be appreciated, Thanks

Sounds like your son managed to put the dishwasher in sales demo mode. There’s a keypad dance to change it’s tune.

Press the following key sequence in less than 3 seconds:

High Temp – Air Dry – Air Dry – High Temp – Air Dry – Air Dry

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