Kenmore Gas Range, Oven Won’t Fire Up

nancy sheeley wrote:

i was given a kenmore gas range with solid stae ignition ,it worked before but since we hooked it up and plugged it in the pilots won’t work, i can light the top burners with s match but the oven won;t come on becouse of the electric ignition, i don’t even know where to find a fuse and i can’t light it with a match

Gas ovens with electric ignition come in two flavors: hot surface ignition and direct spark ignition (DSI). Since you didn’t give a model number, I have no way of knowing which type yours is. But don’t you fret none, li’l darlin’, ‘cuz the Samurai has posted pearls of wisdom on each type of electric ignition system used in gas ovens today. Just click the links below and grok on.

Hot Surface Ignition Systems

Direct Spark Ignition Systems

To learn more about your range/stove/oven, or to order parts, click here.


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