Removing the Front Panel on a Maytag SDE5401AYW Dryer

Kameron Lyne wrote:

your website is fabulous but I’m having trouble trying to find disassembly for my Maytag dryer model #SDE5401AYW. Ther does not seem to be any screws in the front. I tediously removed screws from back and around the bottom last night, but that didn’t get me to the drum. I think I need to replace my belt, but I can seem to access the drum easily. All the diagrams you have on your site don’t match my dryer. HELP! husband is at laundry mat drying clothes right now as I try to fix…doesn’t that seem backward? Thanks for any input I hope the picture helps.

Ahh, grasshoppah, this is indeed a sublime repair kata that the Samurai is pleased to impart to you. So let’s fire up a spliff, er, I mean, a stick of your favorite incense and contemplate the zen of dryer disassembly.

Before starting, make sure the dryer is unplugged. To remove the front panel, you first need to “pop the hood.” The top panel is attached to the front panel by C-clip springs, which you can see in this picture labelled Item 8. Use your short katana to press the C-clips in at the locations shown here. A stiff putty knife will also work but isn’t nearly as artistic.

Now you can prop up the top panel and remove the two screws– one on each side– holding the front panel to the side panels. Stick your head in and look at each side up top, you’ll see ’em.

Can you snatch this pebble from my hand, grasshoppah?

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