GE Profile PSS25 Refrigerator Freezing Everything in the Fresh Food Compartment Regardless of Temperature Setting; and the Water Dispenser Quit Working, too!


GE Profile fridge:
freezes beers; dispenser quit.
Frikkin’ flapper froze!
the bamboo knows all, grasshoppah


Refrigerator air inlet cover/damper kit with fan motor for a GE Profile refrigerator. Damper and fan assembly has been updated to prevent freezing in the refrigerator.  Click it to Git it, Hoss!


GE Profile PSS25 Fridge Breakdown Diagram with Damper Assembly Circled, click for larger view.


For Your Further Illumination: GE Arctica Refrigerator: Broken Air Damper and Everything’s Freezing in the Beer Compartment!

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