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The Samurai School of Appliantology Intergalactic Chat Facility

Just when I thought it was safe to get behind the keyboard again, I went and added The Samurai School of Appliantology Intergalactic Chat Facility to the repair forums. Why is it “intergalactic?” you may well ax? Well, y’see, Hoss, here at Fixit-the-freak-now-dot-frikkin-com, we’re using appliance repair to heal not just the planet, but the entire Universe. How will we ever accomplish such an astronomical task? One appliance repair at time.

Anyway, I was thinking– besides where’s the beer— that this can have all kinda uses: you can chat with other Grasshoppers or Apprentices about a particular appliance problem or topic in the repair forum; you may get invited to a special password-protected chat room by one of the Master Appliantologists for some tête-à-tête instruction; clear up some confoosion on how to use the site, or for just shootin’ the breeze.

The Samurai School of Appliantology Intergalactic Chat Facility has lots of cool features that’ll shake your bake: it’ll “undock” and float in a smaller window so you can be posting in the forum, surfing, whatever, while watching the chat room; when someone enters or posts something, it’ll make a little sound to let you know (which you can turn off); you can also create your own chat rooms on-the-fly, add a password if you like, and invite people or a particular person for live chat, if you feel so inspired.

Log in to the chat area using the same username and password you use to log into the repair forums. You’ll see a couple of permanent chat rooms: The Dojo is a Master Appliantologists-only, password-protected chat room, and The Grasshopper Shack is open to all registered forum members. It’s all free and, best of all, it doesn’t cost you anything, either!

The Samurai School of Appliantology Intergalactic Chat Facility– beam in and check it out:

Appliantology Newsletter, Spring 2010

0. Introduction
1. Reloaded
2. Join the Dojo
3. Samurai Appliance Repair Forum Update
4. More Server Migrations Coming in April
5. Appliance Repair Radio
6. Appliance Service Training Institute

0. Introduction.

Just in time for pollen season, the Spring issue of Appliantology is here! Movin’ on…

1. Reloaded

Never content to rest on our kimonos, we’re always looking for new ways of outdoing ourselves. And this time, we went one bettah. We’re pimpin’ a whole new look with bleeding edge technology. Check it out, Hoss: appliance-repair-weapon-of-mass-instruction-now-goes-to-eleven/

2. Join the Dojo

And now, you can be a part of the Samurai’s dojo. Register at and you can comment on posts, maybe suggest something to add, disagree with something, or even add your own hard-won appliantological wisdom for the benefit of other Seekers. It’s free and you won’t get put on any mailing list.

Specific appliance repair questions should still be posted in the Samurai Appliance Repair Forums, though, because other techs can get involved and it’s easier to track.

Now, here’s an important point that has some people confoozed and sending me emails: my blog,, and the repair forums,, are two entirely different, albeit symbiotic, websites. Registering at one does *not* automatically register you at the other. Here’s the direct link to the repair forums for you to bookmark:

Which brings me to my next point…

3. Samurai Appliance Repair Forums Update

A few weeks ago, we started an unannounced experiment where we opened the forums up so that anyone could register and start new topics in the Kitchen and Laundry forums without making a love-offering or passing the Appliantologist Merit Exam. It’s worked out so well that we’re going to keep it like this for the foreseeable future. So, to get help in the repair forums, all you have to do is register as a Grasshopper and fire away! But, Apprenticeship does have its perks and privileges such as downloading the thousands of illuminating attachments, use of the private messaging system, editing your own posts, and access to more forums. Find out more about our new forum membership options here:

Oh, and notice that the forum website is now sporting its own logo. Made it myself, thank you very much.

4. More Server Migrations Coming in April

I know, I know, I just got moved into a new hosting situation and now I’m going to be moving both and the repair forum,, to a shiny new server. Literally. I’m staying with the same hosting company,, but moving both sites from shared hosting on two different servers to a single dedicated server. Oh yeah, we’re talking serious hardware action! The new server is already in and is being stress-tested as you read this.

We’ll be making the Big Migration sometime during the week after Easter (April 4th). Both sites may be unavailable for about a day during that week– not sure which day yet. This will especially affect the forum because I’ll have to stop posting during the transition otherwise we’ll lose all those precious posts during database migration.

The other thing that may be affected is your forum login. The login cookie that the forum uses will be different and you may need to reset the cookie in your browser. But this broken cookie is easy to fix! If you are having login problems after the migration, just use the “reset cookie” link on the login page. Click, fixed!

5. Appliance Repair Radio

After a four year hiatus in our popular podcast, Appliance Repair Radio, Mrs. Samurai and I hatched another one. Come have a listen to our latest sonata in Appliance Major:

6. Appliance Service Training Institute

Speaking of (and with) Mrs. Samurai, she accompanied me as my official consort to the annual Appliance Service Training Institute this past February. The convention was held at the Disney Coronado Resort. Lemme tell ya, I was not looking forward to another garish, rodent-infested Disney experience like those freak shows when I was a kid. But it was actually a decent venue for this type of event. Lots for Mrs. Samurai to do while I was in the various training sessions during the day. Yummy places for dining in the evenings.

Anyway, it was well worth the time and expense of going there (though, I must say I could have done without the anal cavity search going through airport security). Met lots of Brethren in The Craft, including some of the Appliantological Masters who frequent the repair forum. And scored some good tech info on the latest appliance models. I posted some audio and photo notes at my Posterous site for your edumucation:

Your pal,

Samurai Appliance Repair Man
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P.S. I know a lot of you are disappointed that there’s no political stuff this time. Between all the server and website changes and the annual Lenten rigors, I just haven’t had any time for political ca-ca. Is that muslim dude, what’s-his-name, still President?

P.S.S. Would you like to have your very own, personal and autographed copy of Appliantology delivered to your email in a discreet brown wrapper? Well, you just kommen zie hither, bitte. Reloaded: Your Favorite Appliance Repair Weapon of Mass Instruction Now Goes to Eleven

That’s right, my friends, just went one bettah. Now you can find the appliance repair information you need faster and in high-swank style. Daf right, Homes, we pimpin’ now!

I finally did that server migration I’ve been angsting about for over a month and I thought, “Hello? Why is there an echo in here?” Whoops, sorry, wrong thought. Anyway, what better time for a website makeover than when you move into a new server? I couldn’t think of one so I grabbed a couple cases of Smuttynose Star Island Single and went to work. When I woke up on the floor next to my compooter, my bloodshot eye (the other one was still swollen shut) did behold the glory of the new look. Please allow me to give you a quick tour.

Thank you for not smoking.  Have a nice day.In re-building, we’ve incorporated all the latest available technology… and even some technology that’s not yet available. For example, this website is now constructed with a fully-anodized, uni-welded titanium frame to achieve superior strength and durability while keeping page weight to a minimum. For your safety while navigating the site, you’ll find a fully-inflatable and self-illuminating navigation menu at the top of the screen. And, for the comfort of other browsers here at the site, please notice that is a smoke-free website. is best viewed using the VistaView 3D NavGoggles.Taking a cue from the blockbuster movie, Avatar, we realized that 3D websites are gonna be the next big thing on the web. Since the Samurai is always on the bleeding edge of technology, is now the first and only site on the web to offer a 3D browsing experience. Yes, my friends, now experience the total Samurai awesomeness of in 3D using the VistaView 3D NavGoggles! Unfortunately the goggles haven’t been made yet, or even invented as far as I know, but when they are…! is braille captioned for the visually impaired.Here at, we’re always looking for new ways of making the site accessible to as many people as possible, regardless of their physical challenge. So, today I’m proud to announce that is now Braille captioned for the vision impaired. If you’re not seeing the Braille captions, just thank the pot-bellied, bald-headed Buddha that you ain’t blind!

We hope you enjoy your enhanced repair experience here at the new, improved Samurai Appliance Repair Man.