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Whirlpool Duet Sport Washer Getting SD, F21, and F33 Error Codes, Slow Draining and Loud Drain Pump

Your Name: Madonna

Type of Appliance: Washer

Brand: Whirlpool Duet Sport

Model Number: WFW8300SW01

Your Precious Words:
Have been getting SD error followed by F-21 error. Manually drained washer and checked for anything in the drain pump filter, nothing there. Plugged back in and did drain/spin cycle and the washer would drain. After manually draining this time and starting drain/spin cycle, just heard a hum. The drain motor was previously very load. It didn’t drain and this time I got a F-33 error and noticed the drain pump was very warm to the touch.

All of the error codes and symptoms you’re describing, including the loud drain pump, are all classic signs of one thing: replace the drain pump.

One of the characteristics of these washers is that when the drain pump starts making loud buzzing or grinding noises while running, the bearings in it are shot and the pump is no longer moving water out fast enough. The control board senses this and throws the various error codes you’re seeing, as if screaming out, “Replace my drain pump now!

Here’s the replacement drain pump you need, comes with a one year return policy.

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Frigidaire Front Load Washer Won’t Spin, Code E47

Your Name: Rob

Type of Appliance: Washer

Brand: Frigidaire

Model Number: GLTF2940es0

Your Precious Words:
Machine won’t spin. Ran though the diagnostics and it said code e47 – board thinks PTC circuit is open. From reading forums, I think I need a new wax motor, but I’m not sure which part number that is or what it looks like. Can you help? Thanks

The rule of thumb on Frigidaire front loaders is that for any error code in the 40’s, replace the lock assembly. I replace so many of them that I make sure to keep at least two on the Guru Mobile at all times. Here’s the door latch assembly you need:

Buy the new door latch assembly here and it comes with a one year return policy. In other words, if you install it and it doesn’t fix it (but it will), you can return it for a refund.

Watch The Appliance Guru in action as he shows you a special troubleshooting trick and how to replace it:

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Samsung DMT800 Dishwasher with a 9E error code

Your Name: Caleb

Type of Appliance: Dishwasher

Brand: Samsung

Model Number: DMT800

Your Precious Words:
Dishwasher is having a error code 9e, low water leavel, don’t seem to be able to find a part or a picture of the part or a picture of a part break down of the dishwasher. Searching internet for answers, no luck. Low leavel water float switch need to make repair. Don’t have a part # to order part. Can you help? Thank you for your time.

This is a classic symptom of a clogged sensor hose or the sensor itself has gookus on it. Here’s the part you need:

Samsung DMT800 dishwasher sensor

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