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Mailbag: Dryer Gas Valve Coil Replacement Parts

Jim wrote:

Here’s some info for you regarding Whirlpool gas valve coils: Apparently Maytag uses the same type of burner, so if your Whirlpool dealer is out of stock, try your Maytag guy. Maytag part number for the booster and holding coil is 3-06106 and the secondary coil is 3-06105. I have verified these coils are correct as I just put a set on my Whirlpool and it’s working fine. Good luck!

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Fun facts to know and tell about interchangeable dryer parts. Thanks for passing that along, Jim!

Mailbag: Making Gas Connections…Safely

Linda wrote:

Do you use plumbers tape to hook up the gas pipes?
Thank you, Linda

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appliance gas flex connector.  use one of these to connect your gas range or dryer to the gas line.  click for larger view.Excellent question, thanks for asking! This is a point of confusion for many grasshoppers. The rule for using plumber’s (teflon) tape is to apply it only to Male Pipe Threads (also called "Male Iron Pipe" or MIP)–never to flare connection threads. This is illustrated in this picture. More information on gas connections here.

To make the connection to your appliance, you should always use a gas flex connector.

Remember to leak test all your gas connections!

Magical Mystery Tour in the Pemigewassett Wilderness Area

bondcliff at sunset--click for larger view
sunset from west bond--click for larger view
The Samurai has returned from a truly enchanting backpacking trip to the Pemigewassett Wilderness area. The weather gods did grin down upon us, allowing us to feast our buggy eyes on the crown jewels of the Pemi: The Bonds. Yea, the valleys did echo with the soft fluttering of camera shutters flick-flickering as the mountains stretched out in the sunlight.

Our intrepid group consisted of Rob and Jess, Ouzo, and the Samurai. We started at the Zealand Falls Trail, hiked on past the AMC Zealand Falls hut (mobbed with pasty flatlanders who smelled like aftershave and detergent!) and then on up the Twinway to the expansive views at Zeacliff. From there, we kept on truckin’ on the Twinway until we came to the junction with the Bondcliff Trail. We hiked the Bondcliff Trail over Mt. Guyot and down the other side to the Guyot Campsite. At camp, we stayed at the Guyot shelter. Nice shelter, even had a porch and furniture! We settled in, fetched water from a mossy mountain stream, made dinner, and then shucked and jived ’till we fell asleep.

The next day, we had our minds blown. With such a beautiful day, we got some classic views of the famous outcrops at Bondcliff as well as of Bondcliff seen from West Bond and from Mt. Bond. Sometimes, the vistas were so turquoise that it seemed like we were underwater. We just took our time traipsing along the open ridges and even napping atop West Bond. We ended the day by taking in a glorious sunset atop West Bond.

Looking out from the shelter the next morning, the sky was heavily overcast and it soon began raining. After a hearty breakfast, we broke camp and headed out. When we broke out above treeline, the wind was whipping the chilly rain horizontally. On the summit of South Twin, visibility became so poor that it was sometimes tricky to follow the trail. But as we headed down North Twin, the rain soon stopped and we walked into bright sunshine. The contrast was amazing, like this whole trip.

You can see all the pictures from this trip here. And to complete this magical mystery tour, click the audblog link below to listen to a couple of short sound clips recorded live on the trail.

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Mailbag: Kenmore Washer Overflows After Replacing Drive Coupler

Kerry wrote:

Hello boss. Quick thank you and question. I have Kenmore 70 series heavy duty Wash machine that recently broke. I fixed it by replacing the direct drive coupler (using your diagrams!). After a put it together, I ran a test load and my washer overflowed (this wasn’t happening before). Is it possible that I fried the water level control switch? Everything’s plugged in properly. Is there a float or something else I’m missing? Wife wants to buy a new washer, but I think it’ll work fine if the water will shut off. Thanks.

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Ain’t no thang, m’main man. You probably just got the air tube for the pressure switch pinched when you re-installed the cabinet. This photo ‘splains it all to you. Yea verily, flip that console up, unpinch that puppy and marital bliss shall be restored unto thee.

Go whup up on that bad boy!

Mailbag: Water Leaking from a Refrigerator

John wrote:

I have a rather new GE side-by-side (model #GSS25LSMF) and ice (thin sheet) is forming at the bottom of the freezer compartment, then melting and leaking on the floor. The owner’s manual suggests unclogging the ice shoot but that really can’t be it. The ge web site suggests checking the rear clearance but that’s OK. Any ideas? Thx. JM

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This is a plugged condensate drain port at the bottom of the freezer. For information on techniques for clearing the drain port, click here.

Whirlpool Appliance Technical Help Online

Here’s yet another reason why the Samurai loves Whirlpool: Service Matters Online. This ain’t no fluff site, this is hard core technical reference material directly from Whirlpool Corporation for Whirlpool owners. Kenmore appliances with model numbers beginning with 106, 110, 562, 665, and 198 are also manufactured by Whirlpool so this same information applies. Merry Christmas!

Mailbag: Mystery Leak from a Direct-Drive Washer

bill nebgen wrote:

I have a kitchenaid washer model kaws700g. It made a small puddle under it. I am not sure exactly when it developed. I checked all the connections and they were dry. So i flipped back the top and removed the front and side covers. After jumping the lid switch i ran 2 loads of laundry and it stayed dry. Any suggestions.

Bill Nebgen

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pump for the whirlpool-made direct drive washer--click for larger viewThis is almost always the pump. You can confirm by pulling the pump off the motor shaft. If it looks like this, then you need to replace the pump. Here’s help on removing and replacing the cabinet on this direct-drive washer.