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GE Triton XL tripped breaker

GE is getting sloppy with the documentation on its sorry-ass appliances. In this case, it’s a GE Triton XL dishwasher that tripped the circuit breaker (model number GSD6600G00BB). This is one of those abortion-that-lived dishwashers with the over-priced, unreliable electronic control boards. Turns out the problem was that an undocumented surge suppressor in the water inlet valve circuit had shorted– this surge suppressor was not shown on the wiring diagram! How sloppy is that? Well, that’s GE fer ya.

And, here’s a tip: putting electronic controls in wet appliances is a great recipe for selling lots of replacement control boards.

A Day in the Life of the Samurai

Although the Samurai does virtual service calls all over the world through his award-winning website,, and through the world-famous Samurai School of Appliantology, he also does service calls in real life!

Many grasshoppers have emailed wondering what a day in the life of the Samurai is like. Presented below is a never-before-seen series of actual photographs of the Samurai during a typical day of service calls. You can click each photo for a larger view.

I trust this will satisfy your venal voyeuristic impulses.

The phone rings at Samurai International Headquarters: another appliance in distress!

The Samurai arrives at the house in the Fixite Do service van and prepares to do battle with a broken appliance.

The customer balks at the Samurai’s bill and dishonors him. The Samurai prepares to deal harshly with the customer’s insolence. No callbacks on this job!

Back at Samurai International Headquarters, the Samurai awaits another service call.

Save the Salamanders!

I love amphibians of all flavors, like frogs and salamanders, because they eat evil blood suckers like mosquitoes and black flies. Katie Feldman, of Vermont, started a website, that explains their plight and what we can do to help our amphibious friends.

And in this related story…

Visitors to Hamburg parks are being warned to watch out for exploding toads. Several thousand toads in the city’s parks have so far mysteriously spontaneously exploded, sending entrails and toad body parts over a wide area. Vets and animal welfare workers said the mystery has decimated the city’s toad population as well as the unpleasant problem of leaving toad parts scattered around parks and open spaces. Eyewitnesses say the toads swell up to three and a half times their normal size before suddenly exploding — sending entrails flying metres into the air. … ‘It’s a real puzzle,’ agreed Janne Kloepper from the Hamburg Institute for Hygiene and the Environment, adding: ‘If this keeps up, there will be no toads left in Hamburg. [original story]

Mailbag: Initiating the Harvest Cycle on a Modular Icemaker

Frank wrote:

Most honorable Samurai,

Somewhere on this site was an instruction to jump a Whirlpool new style modular icemaker motor to make it cycle so that you can check the voltage hit at the water inlet valve. Can’t find it now. I suspect the inlet valve, although it is making a noise when I put voltage directly to the terminals. What holes in the module do you jumper to cycle the blamed thing along.

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Ah, Grasshoppah, ax and ye shall receive.

Mailbag: Kenmore Dishwasher Not Cleaning Well in the Upper Rack

Mike Gh wrote:

I have a 2year old Kenmore dishwasher that seems to be working fine except it does not clean the dishes on the top rack. What could be causing this?



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The most common cause for this in any dishwasher is insufficent water fill in the basin. More details and lots more info on this at this page.