Welcome to Our New Digs!

If you’re one of those enlightened and extremely intelligent individuals who visits this site regularly then you’ve noticed the make-over. Yep, I finally got fed up enough with Blogger to convert my entire site over to WordPress. Much greater control over the site, the ability to group posts by category (dryer repair, gubmint, etc.), built-in non-branded site search engine, all PHP and MySQL-based, and dynamic pages which eliminate the need to republish the entire site (almost 1,000 posts!) when I make one little template change.

I’ll still keep the old pages on my server– they’ve all been indexed by the major search engines and there’s no sense in deleting them. If you’re new to this site, you can check out the old look here. Among the changes you’ll notice are the elimination of the main table to get you right into the most recent content; smaller font and fewer colors lending a more polished (dare I say, professional?) look to the site. Also, the site looks and feels best using the open-source browser, Firefox. (WordPress is open-source software, too, by the way.)

One of the many cool feature of WordPress is that you, the user, can start a post. You betcha, just like this post about dishwasher life spans and this one about a dryer that won’t work. To start a post or to comment on one, just register using the link at the bottom of the gray sidebar on the homepage.

Still moving in, though: have to finish categorizing the posts and setting up the static supporting pages. Should be all moved in in another two weeks. The final result will hopefully be a website that is more interactive and that makes it even easier for you to find the appliance repair information you’re looking for. Thank you for your forbearance and patience during this difficult but exciting transition for Fixitnow.com.


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