Appliance Repair Podcast Update

If I can't help you fix your appliance and make you 100% satisfied, I will come to your home and slice open my belly, spilling my steaming entrails onto your floor.A doubleheader! Just uploaded two more episodes of our award-winning appliance repair podcast.

First, we completed the dramatic conclusion of the riveting blockbuster trilogy on the Samurai’s 12 Laws of Appliance Repair. You don’t wanna miss this one… unless you had something better to do, like pulling hair outta the drains, or something. But if your drains are clear, download this episode now!

And, by popular demand, we made another episode devoted to all listener emails! In this exciting docudrama: Butros Butros has a GE front-load washer that won’t spin and Tomo has a one year old Kenmore HE3t that won’t spin, either. Hmmm… Next, Alyson has had to replace the gas valve twice in her Frigidaire Crown Series gas range and now it’s apparently gone bad again. And she’s thinking about just buying a new one. What’s a grasshopper to do? The Samurai illumines her path. Download this episode now!

If you’d rather listen online, just pop on over to our podcast homepage. You can also subscribe to our podcast RSS feed.


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