RepairClinic Earns the Coveted Intergalactic Samurai-Approved Certification

Intergalactic Samurai-Approved Certification, 2006 -- click for larger viewAs long-time readers of these hallowed electrons know, Samurai Appliance Repair Man awards the widely-acclaimed Intergalactic Samurai-Approved Certification (ISAC) each year to an outstanding bidness in the appliance repair field. I am pleased to announce that has earned the coveted ISAC for 2006.

Recently, I flew the Samurai Learjet to Detroit and visited the good folks at, the biggest (and best) online appliance parts store. When I landed at Detroit Metro, I was pleased to see that the limousine was already there waiting for me.

Inspection of RepairClinic Facility and Staff-- click for larger viewAt their brand-new, modern, 72,000 square-foot facility in Canton, MI, the Repairclinic machine hums away, day and night, taking orders and shipping out parts all over the US (Canada coming soon! …maybe …hopefully )– a very impressive and high-tech operation. Here’s an aerial shot of the Samurai inspecting the RepairClinic facility and staff.

So, how did RepairClinic earn the coveted and cherished ISAC? Well, for starters, all orders are received, processed, and shipped right from their own facility in Canton, MI. This means you get your parts FAST. In fact, almost all orders are shipped the same day the order is received. All the other online parts stores use some other third party, unknown to you, for order fulfillment. In addition to increasing costs for you and delaying your shipment, these kinds of third-party arrangements also complicates things like returns. Speaking of returns…

If you click through any link on this website to get to RepairClinic, such as this one, and order parts, you can return that part, no matter what it is, for any reason, even electrical parts! Lemme run that last part by you again in case you missed it, Slick: …even electrical parts. This is unheard of in all the dark, murky underworld of home appliances. I dare you to find any other vendor with a similar policy. No, I DOUBLE dare you!

The Samurai, Larry Beach, and Chris Hall sharing a laugh-- click for larger view.But, of course, it wasn’t all work during my visit to RepairClinic; we made time for socializing and getting to know each other. For example, here’s a picture of me cracking up RepairClinic’s CEO, Larry Beach (right), and President, Chris Hall (left), with my really cool Darth Vader imitation. Good times, good times.

Congratulations to the RepairClinic Team!


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