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Ron Paul: The Last Chance for a Dying Republic

That’s right, I said “republic,” not “democracy” because we’re supposed to be a republic. But you never hear that term in the LSM (lame-stream media); no, they’re all ga-ga over the D-word. Yeah, if only everyone could vote, then the whole world will live as one.

You wanna know what democracy really is? It’s three wolves and a lamb trying to decide what to have for dinner so they take a vote. Hey, it was voted on by the majority so it must be OK to eat the loser, right? Yes, that would be right in a Democracy which is why democracy, as a concept, SUCKS.

By contrast, in a Republic, everyone is born with certain basic human rights (you know: life, liberty, pursuit of happiness, remember those?) and the role of the government is to protect those rights, regardless of what the flatulent masses want or how they vote.

Notice the subtle but fundamental paradigm shift: in a Republic, the government does not, and cannot, grant rights; it protects God-given rights that every human being is endowed with simply by virtue of having a pulse. In a Democracy, the government grants those same rights; and it can also take them away because, hey, the majority voted for it so it must be OK. So, when you hear the talking heads and political predators talking about spreading “democracy” around the globe, the alarms bells in your head should be so loud that everyone around you hears it, too.

My friends, we are witnessing the death-throes of our Republic. This election is the dying gasp of our republic-turned-empire. If Ron Paul doesn’t win this election, it’s game over for freedom in Ameedica and we’ll have to change the last line of our national anthem to “the land of the freeloaders and the home of the depraved.” If Ron Paul wins, we at least have a fighting chance to restore some sanity to our broken and corrupt political process.

Watch this video and then vote for Ron Paul.

The Samurai Kicks Dishwasher Butt Across the Pond

Fan mail from the UK. Yeah, we bad, we WORLD-wide!

From: Richard, UK
Subject: When you were offline (via LivePerson)

Your article “Bosch Dishwasher Takes Forever to Complete a Cycle” was absolutely spot on, right down to the pin to re-solder. A fabulous piece of detective work, Sifu! Many thanks.

Best wishes,


BTW, here’s the article that Richard refers to with such lavish praise.

Fisher-Paykel Washing Machine Parts

From: Bad Moose
Subject: When you were offline (via LivePerson)


We have a Fisher & Paykel GWL10US washing machine. My wife just had a repair man out and he said that we need a new drain pump and its about $120 for installation because its more difficult than most washers. I looked on one parts site and they wanted $214 for a drain pump. I can’t find F&P on your parts site. The official F&P site only lists touch panels when I type in the washer model number.

Can you help me out with a parts source that is reasonable?

Thank you, Sir!

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Call F-P: 1-800-863-5394. Tell them you’re unable to find any competent repair service for your washer and they’ll ship you the pump directly.

And this is one of the easiest washers to work on, especially changing the pump. Tip the machine forward on its belly, unclip a wire harness from the pump and then unclip the pump, bayonette style, lefty-loosey. Take you all of seven minutes, even on a bad day.

International Acclaim for the Samurai

Subject: When you were offline (via LivePerson)

Thanks from two happy appliantologists in Cardiff Wales. Great diagrams and instructions. You’ve saved the day twice now, once with an F1 fault (in July) and now installing a new inlet hose for the 603.
You’re the best!

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Like our motto says:

Our silly motto... eh heh.


How to Clean Out the Blower Chute in a Whirlpool-built Dryer

From: Carol
Subject: When you were offline (via LivePerson)

We have an old kenmore gas dryer (model # 110-77884100). The lint trap screen is about 2 feet long by 6-8 inches wide. As I was putting it back into the slot after cleaning the screen off, I pushed some plastic part (about 2 inches long) off of my child’s car seat into the lint trap. I turned on the dryer thinking it was a enclosed box (the lint trap) but it didn’t sound like that after turning it on. I know, most important thing to remember is to not keep stuff on top of the dryer. Now I’ve learned the hard way! My question is how to get to that long lint trap without having to take apart the whole dryer (if possible). Please send me some good news soon as I have two loads of wet clothes sitting in a damp basement and I have no where to hang them!!! Thanks.
Sincerely, Carol

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Blower Wheel Access on a Whirlpool-built DryerPiece of pie, tovarish! Just remove the back panel (a dozen or so ¼” hex screws around the perimeter, they’re obvious) to expose the blower wheel chute. Then, remove the chute retaining screws and, WALLAH! there you be. Remove the offending debris and you’re back in bidness. Click the thumbnail pic shown here for a closeup shot of this appliantology technique. If you need parts for your dryer, come git you some!

Still confoosed, Grasshoppah? Come see us in The Samurai School of Appliantology.