Samurai Certification for Electronic Circuit Board Analysis

Almost all major home appliances built today have at least one electronic control board inside of them. Because they are so ubiquitous in the world of major appliances, electronic circuit board analysis is a crucial skill for successfully repairing appliances.

Most grasshoppers are not skilled in the ancient and mystical ways of analyzing electronic circuits. But for those of you out there who are, we here at Samurai International Headquarters would like to identify and honor you with the Samurai Certification for Electronic Circuit Board Analysis (SCECBA; pronounced “skek-bah“). Your SCECBA certification says to the world that you know a thing or two about electronics… and that you do other stuff online besides playing Texas hold ’em.

If you think you have what it takes for SCECBA certification, then here’s your chance to prove it: take the SCECBA exam.

If you pass, you will receive a cool electronic SCECBA decal to be proudly displayed on your website.


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