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Whirlpool Duet washer Control Lock button light is stuck on and controls locked

Your Name: felecia

Type of Appliance: Washer

Brand: Whrilpool Duet HT

Model Number: GHW9300PW4

Your Precious Words:
did a load of laundry came back threw it in the dryer and went to start another load and I noticed the control lock button is on. Now my washer is basically frozen. I tried unplugging and holding down the start and cancel buttons.

Piece of pie, tovarish! Press and hold the End of Cycle Signal button for 3 seconds. On some models, you need to hold it down for 5 seconds.

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Amana front load washer with no power

Your Name: Claudia

Type of Appliance: Washer

Brand: Amana

Model Number: NFW7200TW

Your Precious Words:
My Amana NFW7200TW washer will not power on. I had loaded a small load, heard it start to fill, then walked away for an hour. When I returned NO power.
I have power at the receptical, but unpluged it overnight. Checked water lines, one filter was plugged, so I cleaned it. Still no power.

If you confirmed that you have power at the receptacle (by using a meter or plugging in a lamp or something else) then it’s time to crawl into the belly of the beast. Actually, we’ll just be going into the control panel so it’s probably more accurate to say the “brain of the beast” but that just didn’t have the same rhythm and imagery that I was going for.

This is pretty easy to do. Just unplug the washer, remove the top panel, dispenser drawer, and a couple of screws in the front of the control panel, then tilt the control panel forward. These steps are demonstrated in this video.

Next, plug the washer back in and use your meter to check for 120vac at the control board in the locations listed in the image below in the “AC Power Check” section. Click the image for a larger view that opens in a new window.

If you’re getting 120vac up to the board and lights or anything on the control console, then you need to replace the control board. You can buy the replacement board here with a one year return guarantee.

Amana washer control board

If you’re not getting voltage to the control board, then you may have a bad connection somewhere and you’ll need to use your meter and the wiring diagram on the tech sheet (located in a pouch under the top cabinet panel that you removed to access the control board) to troubleshoot and find where you’re missing the voltage. I show you how to do this using real-world examples, including a front loading washer, in my seminal tome, “Using the Tech Sheet Schematic to Root Out Appliance Gremlins.”

If you need more help, come to the Samurai Appliance Repair Forums, become an Apprentice, and start a new topic for interactive repair help from Master Appliantologists. We’re here to help!

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Dryer accumulates excessive lint and takes a long time to dry a load of clothes

Your Name: Doug

Type of Appliance: Dryer

Brand: Whirlpool

Model Number: ggw9200lw0

Your Precious Words:
I’ve had an issue a couple of different times with my Whirlpool Duet Dryer and it concerns me. Three different times, there has been enough lint accumulated in the lower compartment that it caught on fire. I’ve checked the exhaust vent and clean it regularly, same for the bottom compartment. Still, it seems like a considerable amount of lint makes it down to the bottom compartment. What happens then is that the lint catches fire and burns for a small time, melting the thermal fuse and shutting the gas valve down. My question is: Is this normal or am I missing a part (like a burner shield or something)? We clean the lint screen every load. One issue I suspect is that the felt seal on the front of the drum is failing (I can see it hanging out in a couple of places). Would that cause this problem? It also seems to take a considerable amount of time for our dryer to get our clothes dry (two-99 minute cycles per load usually does the trick).
What can I do???

Thank you!!!

What a timely question– I just wrote about this very scenario in the January issue of my award-winning newsletter, Appliantology: How to Use Your Dryer to Get Out of Your Mortgage.

That issue was such a home run with the jingle mail crowd that I did an encore presentation in the February issue: A Visual Guide to Dryer Vent Proctology.

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Okay, with that bit of shameless self-promotion out of the way, let’s move on to how we can fix your dryer problem. As explained in the two aforementioned Appliantology newsletter issues, the problem with your dryer is a bad vent. What makes a bad vent? Excessive back pressure. Also note that a vent can look good and still be bad or marginal. Watch this:

For the average homeowner, it probably makes more sense to buy and install a product like the LintAlert dryer vent monitor. It’s a lot less expensive that the tester I used in the video above and, once you install it, there’s no set up rigamarole to do– it just quietly monitors your dryer vent as you use it and lets you know if there’s a problem as it develops. It monitors the dryer vent system and displays a percentage of blockage. And LintAlert works with both gas and electric dryers, despite what you’ll read at the RepairClinic site where it says, “For gas dryers only.” This is not true. It works the same exact way on both gas and electric dryers. For electric dryers, you’ll need to plug the LintAlert device into a nearby 120vac outlet, the washer outlet will work just fine.


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How to fix a GE gas cooktop where one of the burner knobs won’t turn at all

Your Name: Margaret

Type of Appliance: Oven/Range/Stove

Brand: GE Gas Downdraft Cooktop

Model Number: JGP389BEV4BB

Your Precious Words:
I can not turn of the knobs to ignite my gas cooktop burner. So the back right burner is now useless. How can we fix it?

This is a problem with the gas valve for the affected burner. The knob is attached directly to the bad valve. If you can use a screwdriver and a wrench and can fog a mirror, you can do this repair!

GE JGP389BEVBB Downdraft Gas Cooktop Burner Valve ReplacementThis diagram shows you how to do the repair, click it for larger view in a new window.

Here’s the replacement valve you need, comes with a one year warranty:

Be sure to leak check the gas tube connection on the new valve after you get it installed. This video explains the basic idea.

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How to Fix a Frigidaire Front Load Washer that won’t Spin

Your Name: David

Type of Appliance: Washer

Brand: Fridaire

Model Number: ftfb4000gs0

Your Precious Words:
The motor will not do the final (fast) spin to get the majority of the water out. Although it does work in the agitation mode. I believe the error code is 43 ( control board)?

Error code 43 and no final spin both point to one and only one possibility: bad door lock assembly. Slam dunk. Buy it here with a one year return policy.

So David writes back:


Thanks for the quick reply

This may be a dumb question but how does the switch know what the motor speed is?

This reveals an complete misunderstanding of how these machines work and, I might add, a mistrust of my diagnosis. I’ve only seen this exact problem several hundred times and I keep three of these door lock assemblies on my service vehicle because I’m replacing them so often for this exact problem.

Nevertheless, because the Samurai is long-suffering and of great gootness, he shall reveal unto thee how it is that the door latch assembly is the root cause of this problem.

The door lock assembly is just a dumb switch– it has no idea about anything in the world except whether it’s open or closed. The control board, OTOH, is a smart sumbeech and is constantly going around the machine checking the motors and switches to see if things are where they’re supposed to be. One of the things it checks is the spin enable switch in the door latch assembly. If that switch is open, the control board will not allow the drum to go into spin mode. Without getting into a bunch of technical mumbo-jumbo, here’s a short cut method to check it:

But note as a point of comparison and contrast the situation where the drum NEVER moves– water comes in and pumps out but no tumble, no spin, no nuttin’. This is altogether a different problem from what we’ve discussed thus far– where the motor tumbles but won’t go into high speed spin.

In the case where the drum doesn’t move at all, ever, you need to break out your meter and the tech sheet from inside the washer and sing along with the Samurai in this video.

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Troubleshooting A No-Drum Movement Problem In A Frigidaire Front-Load Washing Machine

In this thrilling excursion into Appliantological Excellence™, Samurai Appliance Repair Man takes you deep inside the belly of the beast to discover why the main motor on a Frigidaire front-load washer would not run in tumble or spin. The Samurai was running a service call as The Appliance Guru, his real-life appliance repair service bidness.

Here’s the motor control board I used to fix the problem:

Comes with a one-year return policy, even after it’s been installed!

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Front Load Washer has a Loud Roaring Noise in Spin Cycle

Your Name: Joe

Type of Appliance: Washer

Brand: Whirlpool

Model Number: WTW6800WW1

Your Precious Words:
We have a loud roaring noise as the washer goes through the spin cycle.

Well, Joe, I gotta tell ya, pilgrim: you gots what we professional appliantologists call “bad drum bearings.” The roaring noise in spin is a definite clue. Here’s how to confirm:

Generally not worth repairing unless a) it’s under warranty or b) you’re gonna do all the work yourself (and maybe get the $500 part from Whirlpool for free– no guarantees on that!).

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Measuring Appliance Power Consumption

Your Name: Jan

Type of Appliance: Microwave Oven

Brand: Kenmore

Model Number: 721.8801080

Your Precious Words:
Trying to find out how many watts it is. Its a little 1988 machine that came in a little camper I bought. It works but I can’t find any info on it and am wondering if technology is better or safer now. Thanks for helping, Jan

This is a perfect application for the Kitt-A-Watt meter! It’s a simple device that plugs into any standard 120v outlet that you plug your 120v appliance into, such as your microwave oven, and then read the power consumption right there on the digital display. Sounds expensive but it’s not! The Kill-A-Watt meter is less than $30 and comes with a one year warranty if purchased right here.

The Kill-A-Watt power consumption meter

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