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Mailbag: DCS Range Parts

Dear Samurai Appliance Repair Master,

I humbly submit my question to you: I
bought a house two years ago, and it came with a really nice stainless DCS range,
but lately the spark igniter for the top burners has stopped working. First one
side went out (two burners) and a couple months later the other side stopped
working too. It makes a click-click sound but the fire does not light. A match
lights it just fine, but I’d like to fix it. I am guessing I need two new
igniter gizmo’s, can you recommend where I can buy this part and does it come with
installation instructions?

Many Thanks,

Paul LeMay

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Sounds like you’re referring the white ceramic spark electrodes by each stove burner. You can buy parts for DCS appliances here. The parts usually don’t come with instructions but, in this case, you don’t need ’em–it’s plug n’ play.

Fun Fact to Know and Tell: Fisher & Paykel recently acquired DCS.

Mailbag: What Washing Machine Would the Samurai Buy?

Hi Samuri,

I have a question for you…

If you had to replace a washing machine, and wanted to spend under 1 Grand
(gotta save some for beer) what would you buy.

Oh yeah, I need a big tub, my wife has big comforters, but thats another story!

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If you really want a cheap-ass, water-pig, electricty-hog, top-loading washer, then buy a Whirlpool direct-drive washer. Get the cheapest one you can find, preferably with all mechanical controls (but they’re getting harder to find as the all the manufacturers are going to the crappy electronic controls which are guaranteed to fail early and often). Plan on fixing it every two to four years.

If you can save up a few more shekels, your money would be better-spent on a Staber washing machine. These are horizontal axis washers, meaning they work like a front loader and have all the advantages: much less water usage (12 gallons of water per washer vs. 56 gallons in a top-loader), use less electricity, much gentler on clothes so they last longer, and use less detergent (so you’re not wearing detergent on your clothes). As if that wasn’t enough, these washing machines are 100% made in the USA and use all mechanical controls–none of the electronic garbage so in vogue with all the other manufacturers.

Recommended Reading: Washing Machine Shootout: The Staber vs. Whirlpool Duet

Mailbag: Oven Pilot Flame Goes Out

Greetings Samurai;

My oven and I have shared many wonderful memories over the years and I have
miraculously managed to repair the occassional problems that have come up. I
can’t part with her now..sniff! But I always keep in mind the wise old saying ” A
little knowledge is dangerous” (especially with a gas oven). The problematic
one is a Century Welbilt free standing gas range/oven. The oven has a spark
ignition pilot which does not work, but I have always just lit it with a match. No
problem. While cleaning the oven recently, I managed to crack the thermostat
sensor/ cappillary/thingy. It was replaced but now, after the oven gets up to
temperature, the pilot goes out (but not the gas). I tried taking off the oven
control knob and adjusting the pilot flame, but it’s as high as it can go. I wish
to glean a few crumbs of your infinite appliance wisdom Exaulted One!



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Focus your laser-like gaze upon the pilot flame. It should be predominately blue, like this. If not, and you see a mostly yellow flame, then you need to clean the pilot assembly. Warning: some disassembly required.

You’ll need to disassemble the pilot assembly and clean it out with isopropyl alcohol (you know, the rubbing kind) and blow it out with compressed air, 100 psi works well. But this is just my preferred technique that I’ve found works well and results in a nice blue flame when I’m all done. Remember to leak check all connections after working a gas system!

Mailbag: Washing Machine Help


I wanted to thank you for the outstanding resource your website provides. My
washing machine was leaking, and I knew nothing about washing machines. Now I
know enough to understand how it works, how to take it apart find the problem!
Thank you very much for your efforts to help lowly home handymen.

Tim Massey

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I live to serve, Grasshopper. Many domos for your email. If anyone else seeks washing machine help, come find wisdom in washer repair revelations, common washer problems, or the washer diagnostic guide.

Mailbag: Gas Stove Burner Ignition Problems

When I turn on the element of my gas stove the gas ignites, but the spark
continues to click on all 4 burners. I can’t stop it. We clean in and around the
burner and this eventually stops the problem, but I would love to know exactly
where the flame sensor is loacted so we can fcus on cleaning just that one spot.
Your help will be appreciated.


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The most likely cuprit here is a stove burner switch that either got wet or has grease-gookus built up on its contacts. Lots more detailed help on troubleshooting gas stove burner ignition problems here. Warning: some reading required.

To learn more about your range/stove/oven, or to order parts, click here.

Heads: They win. Tails: We Lose

L. Neil Smith, of The Libertarian Enterprise, wrote a scathing wrapup of the election and a thank you to our excellent Libertarian candidate, Michael Badnarik:

In hindsight, this election yielded exactly the results one would have expected from 120 million products of the public school system. Half of the voters wanted Daddy to protect them from the nasty bad A-rabs. The other half of the voters wanted Mommy to protect them from Daddy. [read more]

Samurai Radio for 11/05/2004

Topics: post-election wrap-up both nationally and in New Hampshire; who are the Libertarians; government programs never accomplish what they intend; educate yourself about Liberty. (13 minutes)

Your Hosts: Samurai Appliance Repair Man and Mrs. Samurai

Listen to streaming audio:

Download the MP3 file of this show here (right-click and select save to download the file).

Thousands of Spam Accomplices — Revealed!

An article in the paper today announced that a brother and sister in Virginia were convicted yesterday in the nation’s first felony prosecution of spammers. The brother was sentenced to nine years in prison! Like most people, I loathe spam, and thus felt no sympathy for these people. But then I read more. One of the items these siblings offered was a fraudulent “FedEx refund processor” that supposedly allowed people to earn $75 an hour while working from home. The article briefly mentioned that in one month alone they received 10,000 credit card orders for the processor at $39.95 each, then went on to other details about their conviction.

Hold on, there! 10,000 people ordered this junk in one month? This is why we have spam! This is why we have telemarketing! Because numnutzes out there actually buy the stuff from them! If spamming and dinner-time sales calls didn’t bring in a profit, they would’ve stopped a long time ago. These are the people we need to target. Instead of spending all this money to prosecute one two-bit pair of spammers, let’s get the customer databases from these guys and publish them in a “Don’t Be a Dufus” educational campaign. I’d love to have the chance to let some of these people know how much I appreciate them supporting the spam industry.

Worst of all, to me, is the utter lack of critical thinking evident in the thousands upon thousands of people who keep these scumbags in business. They have the ability to purchase and operate a computer, but believe all of the bunk that they see on the screen. (Yep, our government schools are doin’ a fine job.) Think of these people the next time you see a celebrity on TV urging “everyone” to go out and vote!

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